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20 4月 2018

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1 日 前
To try breaking post-vote impasse in Italy, President of the Republic gives Senate speaker an exploratory mandate to find an agreement between centre-right and Five Stars on possible majority. An update is expected by Friday this week
2 日 前
Danish and Italian fighter jets scrambled 4 times last week to Russian warplanes
6 日 前
Italian President Sergio Mattarella says he will decide how to break the political deadlock in just a few days
US Navy P-8A Poseidon 168439 Climbing out from NAS Sigonella, Sicily
An Italian KC-767 refueler over Saudi Arabia and then Jordan.1 週 前
An Italian KC-767 refueler over Saudi Arabia and then Jordan.
1 週 前
Earthquake of magnitude 4.7 - 5km SSW of Camerino, Italy
Italian soldiers "Dimonios" from Sassari Brigade deployed at the Mosul Dam. They also met the @USACEHQ Commander.
2 週 前
Italy’s centre-left Democratic Party (PD) plans to remain part of the opposition in the new parliament and not join any coalition government, the PD’s acting secretary Maurizio Martina said
2 週 前
Italy's Berlusconi says centre-right must lead next government
Canada, Germany and Italy will be among countries taking refugees from Israel. The transfer of the 16,000 refugees to the west will last 5 years
2 週 前
Italy summons French ambassador over border incident
Russia expels two Italian diplomats, given a week to leave country- Italy foreign ministry statement
3 週 前
This morning, @poliziadistato arrested 5 people in Rome and Latina: they had ties with Anis Amri, the Berlin terrorist (Isis) killed in Sesto San Giovanni (near Milan) on December 23rd 2018.
Two people were killed in an explosion at the Italian port of Livorno
This morning, @poliziadistato arrested in Torino Elmahdi Halili, a 23 years old Italo-Moroccan man. He had already been arrested in 2015 for terrorism, when he translated in Italian some Isis messages: that's why he is considered the Italian Isis ideologue.
Abdel Rahman, the 58 years old Egypt|ian man arrested in Foggia yesterday, taught children "to cut the throat of the kuffar [infidels]". Then, he showed them some Isis videos.
3 週 前
Italy's foreign ministry says two Russian diplomats must leave the country by the end of the week in response to the nerve agent attack in Salisbury
3 週 前
Italy will expel two Russian diplomats out of the country because of the case of Skripal
Northern Italy Rocked By Double Sonic Boom As Typhoons Intercept On Air France Boeing 777. Media Sent Into A Frenzy.
Italian Eurofighter Typhoon and Russian Su-34 flying near Estonia borders1 月 前
Italian Eurofighter Typhoon and Russian Su-34 flying near Estonia borders
1 月 前
Italy's Salvini Says Euro Is `a German Currency'. Italy's Salvini: Euro Is A Wrong Currency, Shld Be Reviewed
Report: major tornado hits Caserta, southern Italy.1 月 前
Report: major tornado hits Caserta, southern Italy.
1 月 前
Italian Five Star Movement MP confirms party's intention to "operate within the Eurozone framework"
CIA linked L-3 Communications Swearingen SA-227-TT approaching Sigonella from Libya1 月 前
CIA linked L-3 Communications Swearingen SA-227-TT approaching Sigonella from Libya
1 月 前
Italy's 5-Star readies proposals to other parties for government deal
@giannipittella announced this morning that he's stepping down as head of @TheProgressives. In spite of weak result in Italian election he appears to get a Senate seat list
1 月 前
Berlusconi says will support League leader as Italy prime minister
1 月 前
Italy's League leader says is only possible PM candidate for center-right
Italy: Protesters overturn trash cans and damage property to denounce killing of African street vendor shot dead in Florence
1 月 前
After his defeat Socialist leader Renzi gives up. He complains about rise of populists in all of Europe. "Italy is ungovernable"‚ PD will not seek coalition with extremists and anti-system forces'
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